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Entrepreneur seeking investors

Today’s interview is with Abdilahi Botan who is a water management engineer and has a start-up called Nomadswater that is currently seeking investors through crowd funding.

What are you going to do? I will start up a water engineering consultancy in Somalia focusing on sustainable water resources management solutions that will minimize the impact on the environment and surrounding communities.

Nomadswater will provide better water resources and storm water management, flood management & Climate change adaptation, irrigation schemes planning and design.  Also training and coaching services to local villages, WASH staff and university students will be provided by Nomadswater.

Why is there a need for water management there? The latest droughts of 2011 showed the significant need for more and better water management services making it possible  for local inhabitants to get access to water, not only in rainy seasons but throughout the whole year. In rainy seasons there is oversupply of water while in the summer there are shortages (this differs per geographical area’s in Somalia). The need for flooding and surface water management is high in Somalia which is why we set-up Nomadswater.

Our company wants to contribute to solve the water imbalance by developing new sustainable approaches to tackle social challenges. We will eventually create a better humanitarian environment in Somalia.

How are you going to achieve that? By combining water management, engineering and social expertise Nomadswater will provide complete and sustainable solutions to the reoccurring water shortages is Somalia.

We want to go back to Somalia and use our Dutch water experience to help those people who are in severe danger due to water shortage. We will be able to support  the underserved communities in Somalia and make sure for adequate supplies of clean water.

How much do you need and how do you want to raise it? We need an amount of €7,500 that will be used for market research (€3000), equipment (€1,000), software (€1,000), training (€1,000), salaries (€1,000) and local travel costs in Somalia (€500).

To raise the amount we are taking part of the Cheetah Fund campaign of the 1%Club that aims to finance 70% of the needed investment. To get this 70% we need to crowd fund

30% (which is equal to €2,250) in 30 days.

How can we help funding? You can contribute by donating an amount via the following link:!/projects/improving-water-availability-somalia

Every donation will make a difference. Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Thank you Abdilahi. This was an interview with Abdilahi Botan who is a Somali entrepreneur seeking investors.