Dutch know-how for Hargeisa businesses

On Saturday the 2nd of April 2016 SPARK in collaboration with DutchSom and PUM organized a workshop for 25 Hargeisa businesses at the Ambassador Hotel. The event aimed to make Dutch know-how available to businesses in Hargeisa and surroundings.

A strong private sector requires technical expertise and know-how to sustainably grow. With the workshop SPARK, DutchSom and PUM introduced Dutch know-how to local SMEs. SPARK is a Dutch INGO that promotes Diaspora Entrepreneurship  through its Migrant Entrepreneurship Program (MEP) and PUM is a Dutch organization with plus 3,200 senior experts who share their knowledge to develop local businesses ( see below PUM’s way of working). DutchSom is the partner BSO of SPARK and supports Diaspora Entrepreneurs and acts as the local representative of PUM connecting the experts directly with entrepreneurs.

PUM way of working

The workshop participants are active in many sectors such as manufacturing, food, beverages, trade and services. The vice chairman of the Somaliland’s Chamber of commerce and the head of the industries association, Mr Jamal Aideed, officially opened the workshop. He addressed the importance of technical knowledge and stated that local businesses lack expertise. Furthermore, he mentioned the know-how that is needed to grow local businesses.

Somaliland chamber of commerce


In addition Mr. Mohamed Dahir introduced DutchSom. He explained the unique collaboration with PUM and provided guidance on the application process.

The country director of PUM, Mr. Sjaak Vink, introduced the PUM organization. He emphasized on the importance of PUM’s expertise for SMEs across the world. PUM provides services to create paths for sustainable growth for local companies in 70 countries. To these companies they provide business advice and technical assistance. The expertise of PUM takes local businesses to the next level.

PUM expert Hargeisa

The presentation of PUM was followed up by Spark. A representative of Spark shortly discussed their SMEs capacity building program needed to further develop local businesses.

Hargeisa businesses part 2

The event was concluded with a vibrant Q&A session.  Enthusiastic  entrepreneurs who could not wait, asked for direct help to apply on the spot!

Source: DutchSom, 5th April 2016.

Pictures are made by AMP