New UAE funded slaughterhouse to be built in Berbera

During a groundbreaking opening ceremony the Somaliland Minister of Livestock (Omer Sheik Mahmoud), the Somaliland representative to the UAE ( Bashe Awil) and  the Mayor of Berbera (Abdishakur Mahmoud Hassan Idin) jointly laid the foundation stone for a state-of-the-art slaughter house in Berbera

Somaliland Minister of Livestock speaking during the ceremony said, “The slaughterhouse is based on state-of-the-art principles, paving the way for optimising quality control procedures, including better utilisation of by-products and, ultimately, better meat quality and also pave the way for the country to export meat.

“The new UAE slaughterhouse and with a capacity to slaughter 1000 heads per day and will create the approx. 500 new jobs for the town’s people. The new Berbera slaughterhouse will be the biggest single foreign investment in the livestock sector ever, this will be the first large livestock slaughterhouse to be established in country for almost four decades”, he added.

Ambassador Bashe Awil , speaking during the  ceremony thanked the UAE for providing the funds for the project and Sahil regional administration for making the project possible.

Abdishakur Mahmoud Hassan Idin , the Mayor of Berbera speaking during the ceremony said, “I would like to thank  President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo for commitment in the development of the nation and also  Bashe Awil , Somaliland representative to the UAE for his relentless efforts.

Source: Somalilandpress, 20 Jan 2016