DutchSom offers a wide range of professional services that enable our members and partners to be successful in their trade, investments and businesses.

In general we focus on three groups within the Dutch and Somali business communities. First group is the Somali Diaspora that want to set-up and develop own business in The Netherlands. The second group is the Somali Diaspora entrepreneurs who already owns a company in The Netherlands but want to expand their business towards their region of origin. Somali entrepreneurs who have no other business in The Netherlands but want to set-up a business in their region of origin are also part of the second group. Third target group of DutchSom is the Dutch business community (non-Somali Diaspora) that is interested in the business opportunities of the Horn of Africa.

After different requests from local Somali entrepreneurs in 2015 we also started to support a fourth target group. This group consists out of local Somali businesses needing business development services.


Networking Somali entrepreneurWe believe that our networking strength and extensive business background is important to connect entrepreneurs.

Therefore,  we organize business network events on regular basis for (potential) entrepreneurs or investors from the Somali Diaspora in The Netherlands, Dutch companies interested in Somali business opportunities and other participants with interest in the private sector of Somalia. Through these events participants are able to connect with others and share ideas on doing business.



Business Support

Somali business supportWith business support we assist entrepreneurs with their long journey to set-up a company or expand an existing business in The Netherlands or in The Horn of Africa.  Business support consists out of tailor made services to accelerate company growth such as: business plan writing or reviewing, performing market research, coaching entrepreneurs, helping in the process to find partners, getting access to financial resources (investors) and solving business issues.




Market Entry

Somalia Market entryWith market entry we assist entrepreneurs in the process to land their business in The Horn of Africa. We bring entrepreneurs in contact with potential local partners, provide market knowledge, help them to select a location for their business and register their company locally.  Other market entry services are export promotion, export facilitation and arranging needed paperwork.





Research & Consulting

Somali research & consultingThe Horn of African market is unexplored and not many market information is available for potential entrepreneurs or investors that might be interested in the opportunities. We provide research and consulting services to explore the market.

Our research & consulting work mainly aims to improve the business ecosystem of the Horn of Africa which is challenging, especially that of Somalia.